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Our owner and operations manager Ryan Hunter has been doing grounds maintenance and snow removal and servicing Vaughan and surrounding areas for 10 years. Back in the beginning when he was in school, it was as simple as cutting grass and scratching an entrepreneurial itch. But now, it has become much more than that, providing a high quality, year-round complete maintenance to a large portion of the GTA and helping of hundreds of homeowners get their weekends and family time back, enjoy their property and have the piece of mind knowing their property maintenance needs are taken care of, headache free. Especially in neighborhoods where we have been servicing people in, for years, we have become a go to for reliability and quality service.

Starting out at a young age, Ryan got a job through a friend’s family that did the same services for commercial buildings, plazas and homeowners. From the position over years, listening to customers, landscape team members and businesses, researching and keeping up on the lawn and landscape world and his own small residential operations. He was able to gain the knowledge and experience to start Grass Guys, and plan with the homeowner in mind. In addition he was building the passion for making home owners happy and maintaining beautiful lawns and landscapes, inspiring the Grass Guy’s vision. The determination to provide the best possible quality for a fair price with service that will not be matched.

Ryan believes learning both in his residential operations and for large commercial and estate sites as a team member at a commercial maintenance company. At a young age with an open mind, and having a keen and caring ear for the client and for landscapers and grounds maintenance team members, he would be able to build a unique organization providing a level of quality exceeding expectations and standards. He believed in a more personalized, system reliant, advanced and completely hands off and easy to use service for the homeowner. Our intentions are to provide innovative and top quality service both while we’re servicing your home and during onboarding and maintaining your account. We strive to be the best designed, equipt and scheduled, and most reliable team for the homeowner, as we become the go to for summer maintenance in more and more neighborhoods.

You can count on our team to be uniformed, well equipped with state of the art lawn equipment designed for the best quality for different residential lawns. This also helps us keep costs low and be efficient while replacing as much of the grunt work as possible to allow the team to keep up mental sharpness, discipline and allow the team to work smarter, not harder. We don’t overlook any part of our business and spend an immense time planning to better operations, support and overall helpfulness to our clients and better us, to continue to be the best fit for you and your home’s maintenance. We try to push the industry standards with our systems, procedures and ways of working and using our large team of residential specialists. We know you, the homeowner. We also know that every home and every homeowner is different, we adapt, leave detailed notes before/during/after the season and even add strikes with details, if a homeowner has an issue so the team going to your home every week knows to never make that same mistake again. Our different software integrates and allows us to ensure homes or specific tasks on homes are not missed, by not approving the visit to go to that month’s invoice. This helps to eliminate any mistakes both in the field and in the office. Furthermore we implemented support software to better customer support and provide easier communication, support and payments.

Over the passed 10 years, Ryan and his team have went from “the boy cutting my lawn” as Ryan’s Lawn Care before 18, when you can’t legally incorporate a company, to “the students maintaining my property” as we grew as Project Perfection, which turned into Project Perfection Group of Companies, bringing along Grass Guys where we’re known for highly skilled and passionate residential property care experts that have become the go to in many neighborhoods for residential lawn and landscape maintenance. After years of servicing hundreds of properties across the GTA, Ryan and his team are more sure than ever that they are doing what they love. From interacting with our beloved clients and seeing the beauty maintained, not just on one home but as more homeowners trust us with their maintenance, groups of houses or large percentages of streets and courts get the Project Perfection touch that your Grass Guys bring to your lawn each week.


Locations We Service

  • Kleinburg
  • Vaughan
  • Aurora

  • Nobleton
  • King City

  • Toronto
  • Brampton

  • Bolton
  • New Market

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